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1 Leadership Lessons for a Start-up CEO

Lately, many start ups have been showing off a fast-growing trend. Playstations, bean bags, coffee vending machines and huge superhero wall stickers have replaced iron shelves with files, reference books and conventional holders of stationary. This culture boasts a free, no-hierarchy attitude. There is no boss, there are no cubicles and there is no clock keeping an eye on you.

The Biggest Cloud Trends Taking 2017 by Storm

2016 observed the game truly set in for the trinity in Cloud computing, namely Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. And deservingly so - as these companies have excelled at consistently repackaging cloud in a way that the cloud market probably never envisioned

The Client Brief – A Sad Story of Neglect

Say we’re a client. After deciding to place your precious digital assets into the hands of a Digital agency, we’re handed a Client Brief. A rather dull-looking questionnaire that we need to fill in with information that we’ve thought about, dreamed about but haven’t necessarily put to paper, ever. This brief sets things into motion and gives the agency a handle on what we the client think of our brand.

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