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Testing Service

As mobile applications continue to increase exponentially, developers, enterprises and value added service providers face new challenges:

  • Do mobile application work on the real mobile phones and smartphones?
  • Do you know if your data services are accessible from all targeted markets, at all times?
  • Do you make changes on the server side and worry that all the existing devices will still be able to interact without any problem?

Functional testing

X-Values Functional testing services help its clients concentrate on their development issues while we take care of the entire testing process of the project lifecycle. X-Value engages in testing right from the project conception and offers end to end services in

  • Test Planning
  • Writing Test case
  • Module Testing
  • Integration testing
  • End user testing

Compatibility Testing

X-Value Technologies ensures that client’s mobile applications or mobile website work exactly as they want them to across all devices and across all OS versions of the platform.

Performance and Scalability Testing

X-Value enables its customers increase their reach, prevent tech glitches and bottlenecks, and deliver a seamless experience with Performance and Scalability Testing services. We’ll identify what you need to manage traffic from multiple mobile devices and help make the system more scalable.

Usability and GUI Testing

X-Value helps clients expand their reach and ensure a great customer experience with our Usability and GUI Testing services. We verify the mobile application for the following:

  • App store Guidelines Compliance
  • Standard platform specific UX
  • General Usability Best Practices
  • Integration testing
  • Device specific UI testing

Mobile Testing environments

X-Value Technologies uses a mix of own Smartphone handsets as well as mobile testing devices on the cloud such as ‘Deviceanywhere’ and ‘Perfectomobile’ platforms to offer mobile testing services.

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